05/22 Health & Wellness Tip – Eat your water

Did you ever think about eating your water to help stay hydrated? I never really thought about it. I was happy to discover that I eat a lot of hydrating foods on a daily basis.

Dr. Murad's Pitcher of Health

Dr. Murad’s Pitcher of Health

I have a book called The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger by Howard Murad, MD. Dr. Murad says that the water in foods stays in our bodies longer than the water we drink. His Pitcher of Health has fruits and vegetables as the foundation of our diet. He lists 75 fruits and vegetables to help you eat your water giving you more options to meet your eight servings per day.

Note: I have to admit, I have not read The Water Secret yet. I have read bits and pieces. It is one of those good resource books that I pull off the shelf and thumb through occasionally. When the time is right, it will be there for me to read. The book link above is my affiliate link so I will receive money if you buy the book from that link.

Hydration_CucumberI found lots of lists online. Many lists were slightly different. A common thread among the lists, however, is that fruits and vegetables are the most hydrating foods to eat.

This video on Health.com tells us their 7 most hydrating foods:
1. Cucumber
2. Radish
3. Tomato
4. Bell pepper
5. Cauliflower
6. Watermelon
7. Spinach

Shape.com’s Top 30 Hydrating Foods list had the largest variety of foods:

AppleGelatin dessert (Jell-O)Red seedless grapes
ApplesauceGrapefruitRomaine lettuce
Bell peppersKiwiSpinach, raw
Broccoli, rawMangoStrawberries
CantaloupeMixed greens saladTomato
CarrotsNavel orangeTomato sauce
Chicken noodle soupPineappleWild blueberries

This infographic on Earthbound Farm’s website shows fruits and vegetables that contain at least 90% water.

According to eHealth101, these are the top 10 hydrating fruits and vegetables:

Star fruitLettuce
BlackberryGreen pepper
BlueberryBaby carrot


by Michele Spear