Would you like some eggs with those veggies?

This morning my original plan was to make soup for breakfast. I completely forgot about that plan though. As I started pulling ingredients out of the refrigerator it became clear that I wanted scrambled eggs. When I make scrambled eggs, I focus more on the veggies than I do on the eggs.

Protein has become too much of the focus when we eat. Yes, protein is important; however, we too often devour two servings in one setting. Side tangent here – This past week I was coaching at a location as lunch was being prepared. Roasted turkey breast, salad, and rice was on the menu. It smelled delicious. It looked delicious. When I saw the plates dished up, the turkey took half the plate, the rice and salad taking the other half.

Wrong I thought. It wasn’t a bad meal, the servings just needed some adjusting. Salad on half the plate, or salad and another veggie on half the plate, with turkey and rice on the other half. Ideally, a small serving of fruit too.

Alright, back to my breakfast. That was definitely my approach this morning when I made my breakfast. As you can see, lots of veggies – spinach, onion, anaheim pepper, olives, garlic, sundried tomatoes – plus some guacamole on the side. I would say at least two if not three servings of veggies. Two eggs. My husband and I love to go out for a breakfast date weekly. Most of the time when we get an omelette or scrambled eggs there are three eggs and an equivalent of one serving of veggies, maybe one serving.

When I make scrambled eggs, you have to look for the eggs, not the veggies! Here is my finished breakfast. A little grapefruit with it. Superb!


Here is my breakfast the other morning…one of my favorites. A breakfast salad with basted eggs and “salsa” dressing. Plus some blackberries and home-made grapefruit/ginger kombucha. Another example of “Would you like some eggs with those veggies?”


by Michele Spear