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#28daysofhearthealth – Day 27-2016
Feb 27 all-day


#28daysofhearthealth #hearthealthmonth
Do 30 minutes combining cardio, strength, and stretch

Sort of like a Level 2 that takes each of the previous Saturdays’ activity and blends it into one today. You can go to a class at your gym that is a combination workout, make up your own workout, or find something on YouTube.

Whatever you do, keep it simple! Create a combination that you’ll enjoy and have fun with! Here are a couple ideas:

  • Walk on a treadmill for 20 minutes using hand weights to work your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest; Put the treadmill on incline for part of the time to increase the work for your legs and cardiovascular system; Hop off and do 10 minutes of stretching
  • Do an elliptical for 10 minutes, do the 7 minute workout twice, and then do 6 minutes of stretching


#28daysofhearthealth – Day 28-2016
Feb 28 all-day


#28daysofhearthealth #hearthealthmonth
Give. And bring a smile to someone’s face and your own

Have you ever noticed how special you feel when you give of yourself in some way? It may be volunteering time. It may be giving a small gift to someone. It may be spending 10 minutes listening to your friend. It may be simply smiling at someone so that you bring a smile to his or her face.

Often, all it takes is something small to brighten someone’s day. And that, in turn, will likely brighten your day.

I read this book, The Giving Tree, several years ago for the first time. While you may feel sadness when you read it (or watch this 5 minute narration on YouTube), you can’t help to notice how happy the tree is. The tree gives and continues to give.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein on Amazon

#28daysofhearthealth – Day 29-2016
Feb 29 all-day


#28daysofhearthealth #hearthealthmonth
Have an apple

Level 2 – Include Meatless Monday, a green smoothie, 64+ oz of water, & cold oatmeal for breakfast

Today is a bonus day – day 29!

Apples have pectin which helps clean cholesterol out of our bodies.

From WebMD – a comparison of types of fiber – and here is the information specific to pectin:
Pectin is soluble fiber (some pectins can be insoluble)
Sources: Naturally found in fruits, berries, and seeds. Also extracted from citrus peel and other plants boost fiber in processed foods.
Health Benefits: Slows the passage of food through the intestinal GI tract, helps lower blood cholesterol.

Pectin is also in grapefruit, bananas, strawberries, grapes, carrots, potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, and peas.

Note: Keep apples in their own bowl as they give off a gas that ripens other fruit faster.

American Heart Association Heart Walk @ Downtown Phoenix
Mar 19 @ 8:30 am


The annual Heart Walk is almost here! Join the fight against heart disease by walking the 5k Heart Walk or the 1 mile Stroke Walk. Join the InSpearational Health team. I’d love to meet you or see you again if we’ve already met!

Email me that you are going to do the walk and I’ll provide my cell phone so we can connect Saturday morning for the walk.

8:30 am Opening Ceremonies
9:00 am 1 Mile Stroke Route
9:00 am 5k Heart Walk (3.1 miles)
10:00 am Heart-Healthy Festival Begins
Noon Heart-Healthy Festival Ends


Kombucha time @ Michele's house (Address provided when you RSVP)
Apr 24 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

I love making my own kombucha flavors and you can too! Come taste some kombucha and learn how to make it. Then decide if you want to make it yourself.

I think making kombucha is easy. It requires few ingredients. The biggest hurdle is to obtain a scoby and starter liquid. And that is what this class is about!

I make two batches about every 10 days. I spend appx 60 minutes total on my brewing/bottling day. You decide how often to brew a new batch. Sweeter kombucha takes less days and more tangy (kinda like vinegar) takes more days.

Come join me at my house for an educational session on how to brew and bottle kombucha.

The class is free. You can donate $ towards the instructions you receive and/or my time.

A scoby costs $10. This covers my costs for the jar, towel, and instructions. You’ll walk out with a gallon jar for fermenting. Your scoby and starter liquid is in the jar ready to go. Just let me know you want a scoby so I can have it ready for you.

If you want a scoby and don’t want to participate in the class, that works too. We can arrange a day/time to meet.

The day and time for this kombucha class varies based on my brewing/bottling schedule.

Happy brewing! Michele

#28daysofhearthealth – 2017
Feb 1 – Feb 28 all-day


#28daysofhearthealth #hearthealthmonth
Enjoy the Challenge

It is that time again – Heart Health Month!

Yes, heart disease is still the number one killer. The Heart Foundation says that 1 in 4 deaths is caused by heart disease. The good news is a healthy lifestyle is a great way to reduce your risk of heart disease.

I am challenging myself in three ways during Heart Health Month this year:
Challenge #1 – Exercise an hour every day
Challenge #2 – Reduce unhealthy treats
Challenge #3 – 5 minutes of quiet breath work daily

I know this will be a challenge and I also know it will be healthy for me. I will not stress myself out over it. I will do my best.

What are some actions you can take this month to challenge yourself? Something you can do to improve your health (physically, mentally, both) and that will be a stretch for you to achieve…

I will share my progress throughout the month. So, check back to see how I am doing.

Please share your challenges and how you are doing throughout the month on Facebook and Twitter.