October’s Technology App

I LOVE seafood regardless what month of the year it is. Since October is National Seafood Month, it seems an appropriate month to share a seafood app that I use and love!

Seafood Watch by Monterey Bay Aquarium

SeafoodWatch This is a free app for your smart phone. They also have a website.

You can also download and print a guide from the website by using this link and clicking on AZ.

This app and website tells you what seafood you should be eating and should not be eating if you want to do what is best for our environment. I love that it tells you (1) what to avoid, (2) good alternatives, and (3) best choices. This allows you to make an informed decision about what you are about to order or buy. There is a seafood list and a sushi list.

The app and website will also tell you companies that partner with Seafood Watch. These companies include Business Collaborators, Business Partners, Conservation Partners, and Restaurant Partners. I was sad to discover that there are no Restaurant Partners in the metro Phoenix area, although I am sure it is only a matter of time and there will be.

Most of the time I follow the recommendations from Seafood Watch. That said, let’s face it, while I personally do my best to choose what is healthiest for me and for our environment, there are times when I just want to eat some specific seafood that is not “ideal.” I make that choice intentionally and knowing that the next time I can make a better choice.

I hope you find this app to be as useful as I do!

by Michele Spear

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