My “why”

USVI2011RI thought I found my “why” in 1990. My doctor told me my cholesterol was high. Heart disease runs on both sides of my family, so with this news, I knew things had to change.

I made some modifications to my lifestyle. As time went on, I made less and less improvements. Honestly, I didn’t do as much as I could have done, should have done, and wish I would have done.

Fast forward almost 10 years. My Dad is 62. He has a heart attack. He undergoes double bypass surgery. I can still remember walking into the ICU after his surgery and seeing the machines hooked up to him. I almost fainted and had to sit down.

That was it. That was my “why.”

It is 1999 and again I am told my cholesterol is high. This time I knew, I had to take control of my health. I was the only person that could do it.

HeartBoxingGlovesI did not want to be a victim to my genetics and lie down saying “Well, everyone in my family takes cholesterol medicine so I know I have to.” I knew in my heart that I did not want to take a cholesterol Rx. I was going to fight.

My health journey took off (it is a journey that doesn’t end you know). I educated myself. I explored different lifestyle adjustments from the food I ate to my physical activity to my self-care. I added people to my support team and I became the owner of my health.

I continue to educate myself and explore lifestyle adjustments. I continue to have a support team and will always be the owner of my health.

So, again I ask, what is your “why?” Don’t let it take something as serious as a family member’s heart attack for you to take control of your health.

By the way, it is not too late to take control of your health. You are not too young. You are not too old. Make the decision to take control of your health.

Don’t walk this path alone when there are people that can help you.

In Health,