Group Cooking Classes

“I was really impressed with Michele’s organization and wealth of information we took home with us. The recipes were EASY and TASTY! She gave specifics of what foods and/or brands to purchase which makes future use of the recipes easier, too. Thank you, Michele, for making healthy eating more accessible to this lazy non-chef.”

Sandy in Phoenix


A group cooking class is a great way to bring family and friends together so you can support each other as you walk the path to a healthier lifestyle.

The class is hands-on for every person as each participant is involved in the actual preparation of the dishes. They may be cutting cucumber, blending in the food processor, or seeding a pomegranate.cookingNew

With this hands-on experience, and a recipe card for each dish, each participant walks away with the know-how to make the dishes in their own home. After all the dishes are complete, we sit down together to enjoy the fruits of our labor giving everyone a chance to visit.

I’ll be honest; the dishes we make are not gourmet. I go to a restaurant when I want gourmet. Ideally, you will be introduced to some new ingredients in the class helping to add more variety into your diet. In general, the group cooking classes cover vegetarian dishes that can be served as a side dish or possibly as an entree. The dishes for your group cooking class are customized to meet your needs and the needs of your participants as food allergies and dislikes are taken into account. We can go gluten-free. We can go vegan. We can go raw.


Reasons to do a group cooking class

  1. You are committing to a healthier lifestyle
  2. Learn about which produce items should be bought organic
  3. Learn some health benefits of the ingredients used in each dish
  4. You want to introduce friends and family that have the common interest of improving their health
  5. You are getting bored with your recipes and want to learn some new ones
  6. You want to learn about which kitchen tools can make your time in the kitchen more efficient and enjoyable and you want a chance to see them and use them


Red Dandelion Salad

Red Dandelion Salad

The investment from each participant

  • $40 per participant; I bring the ingredients; Host provides “staple” ingredients
  • Four hours for the class – Introductions, hands-on kitchen time, and time to enjoy the meal and get to know everyone
  • Commitment – Volume of ingredients purchased based on participants saying “yes” to the class
  • Participation – Each person will participate at a level they are comfortable with knowing that the hands-on experience is an important component to recreating the dishes at home


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