Individual Coaching

“I began working with Michele during a very transitional time of my life when I was experiencing significant life changes. Most of the changes were difficult and they were what I needed in order to move forward in a positive direction. Michele was able to help me identify the habits that created the environment I was coming out of and shifted my focus to my own growth in areas of personal and emotional health. She provided exceptional materials that helped me process the information and encouraged me to make small yet significant changes so that my new lifestyle could be sustained. Her encouragement and acceptance made it comfortable for me to face my future with hope and belief that I really could become the healthy person I desire to be. She is an incredibly caring and knowledgeable coach who has changed my life dramatically. I am eternally grateful for her mentorship and her friendship. She has helped me to achieve the best version of me and it only continues to get better.”

Mindy in Phoenix

I would be honored to coach with you one-on-one.

The thought of this may bring up fear in you. That is normal; however, fear not. I strive to make our coaching relationship very comfortable for you.

I understand that everyone is unique and each coaching relationship is also unique. I also understand that everyone is at a different place in their life and their healthy journey. How you define healthy is different than how I define healthy. Your goals are different than the next person’s goals. What you see as balance is unique to you.


I meet you where you are at today.

This is where we start your program. We work together to create a program designed for you, that will best serve your needs and desires, and that helps you accomplish your goals. We work together to set you up for success by setting reasonable and achievable goals. Why create a goal when you don’t want to take the first step towards meeting it?

One of my goals is to serve as a role model. I am not perfect. I don’t expect you to be perfect. Sometimes I choose to eat a not-so-healthy meal and I enjoy it knowing I can make a healthier decision at my next meal. Sometimes I choose not to exercise for a day, maybe even a couple days, and then I consciously get active again. It doesn’t just happen. It takes effort. It takes consistency. It takes dedication.

Ideally, clients meet the 3 “R” criteria:

Ready – You are ready to learn and make different decisions with the new information;
Receptive – You are receptive to making improvements that will impact your life; and
Reward – You will reward yourself for taking this step and achieving goals along the way.