“Michele, Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insights about your personal journey toward healthy living. Every dish you shared was new to me and I can honestly say I have found some new favorites. I have also struggled with high cholesterol and have been hesitant to follow the typical protocol of going on statin drugs to manage this “condition”. I made a promise to my doctor when I was 40 that I would work on managing it naturally and if I didn’t get it under control by the time I was 50, I would reconsider taking medication. I am happy to say that I have seen big improvements in my cholesterol as I have followed a healthy diet combined with regular exercise. Taking your class added a whole new dimension to my understanding of the power that food has in assisting our bodies to heal naturally. I now regularly visit the local farmers market and have found wonderful new veggies I didn’t know existed and they are now a regular part of my diet. Your class has had a lasting impact on how I see food and I continue to refine my diet for greater health and wellness. Thank you again for sharing your gifts!”

Betsy in Chandler


“I had the pleasure of coaching with Michele. She was fully available at our appointed meeting times. Often, I would come to a roadblock around my issue. Michele offers fresh ideas and perspectives that I hadn’t even considered. I thoroughly enjoyed the space she gave me to talk it out until I came to my own solutions. Her follow-up is excellent. She takes the time to email a summary of our entire session so that I have a point-by-point plan of action. We then went over every detail at our next meeting time. She has taught me how to take baby steps. I have made strong and lasting changes for the better working with Michele. I highly recommend Michele’s gentle approach and expertise as a Wellness Coach.”

Donna in Glenwood Springs, CO
Owner of bioSynergy, Inc.


“Michele and I did four coaching sessions together and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. One of my goals that we discussed was increasing my exercise time, especially in regard to yoga. As a yoga instructor, Michele had a ton of good input and went so far as to find a local studio for me, checked their schedule and even recommended particular classes! I was floored by her willingness to go above and beyond making recommendations, committing so much time and sharing her expertise with me.

Michele is an active and supportive listener. She hears every nuance of what I’m saying and offers measured and thoughtful guidance that helps me find the solution that fits best. If she feels there is more she needs to know before providing a suggestion, she is tireless in researching to find the answer. Her followup notes on each session were thorough and detailed. She also sent me informational attachments and links after each session, providing even more material on the issue at hand to help me chart my course. Michele is personable and has a great sense of humor too. I am so glad that I found my way to her; I’ve made a new friend, along with getting the support she’s provided me over these sessions.”

Emily in Decatur, GA


“I made a decision, based upon blood test results that I needed to change my lifestyle to adopt healthier and more natural food choices. When I started working with Michele, I was immediately impressed with her wealth of knowledge in all areas of wellness. Her library of materials, help aids, and articles were invaluable to me as very soon after we started working together, I went through a career change that significantly increased my workload and stress levels. Michele recognized the stress I was experiencing in my new career and suggested a book to read. I was surprised to receive guidance with my career stress since my goals were more food-related. I came to learn that Michele’s approach to coaching looks at all aspects of wellness, which included my career stress.

Michele sensed that I was overwhelmed with my new career so I could only take on so much in regards to my health goals during our coaching. Her “low pressure” approach allowed me to take sustainable steps without pushing me where I wasn’t ready to go at this time. Michele’s years of knowledge and amazing organizational skills helped me achieve my goals! One of my favorite meetings was the trip to a farmers market and to my grocery store for my “label” education. Michele introduced me to several new products I would have been hesitant to try on my own. I am confidently making healthier choices when I shop and I have really enjoyed trying new foods. I highly recommend Michele to anyone looking to improve their overall wellness. Old behaviors are very hard to change and with Michele at your side it is much easier!”

Kathy in Phoenix


“I was in a healthy recipe rut before I started working with Michele! I was regularly perusing online cooking sites in hopes that I would find the “one.” I wanted the site that offered healthy recipes that were not only easy to prepare but were flavorful and would introduce me to new vegetables (my nemesis). Well, I didn’t find it. However, I did find Michele. Michele has already done the research as well as the taste testing. She combines food in a manner that I would never have entertained and each time the meal gets better and better. We all have certain expectations when working with a health coach; Michele set the bar higher than I could have anticipated. She is thoughtful in her approach and she definitely does not apply a one size fits all mentality. She takes the time to learn about her clients and through that she is able to build a strong foundation for your journey together.”

Kristen in Phoenix