Wellness Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching?

As I struggle with the words for this page, I realize that “what is wellness coaching” isn’t the important point. At least I don’t think so. Will defining wellness coaching help you decide whether or not you want to work with me as your coach? Probably not. Will defining Wellness Coaching help you decide whether or not to host a group cooking class? Probably not.

What is important is that you believe our working together will help you accomplish your goals.

  • Maybe you feel doomed to your genetics as I once did.
  • Maybe you believe you are at risk for heart disease and/or your cholesterol poses a challenge for you.
  • Maybe you are overwhelmed with information and don’t know where to start.


There are three key things I want people to walk away with after working with me as their Coach:

  1. the understanding that health is a constant evolution where you will continue to learn and make adjustments to your lifestyle;
  2. to realize you have a lot of control over your health (assuming you want that control); and
  3. to increase your knowledge so you are more informed and can confidently make better decisions.

I know my goals are a lot to take in. They require you to take responsibility. You may not be ready for the responsibility at this point in time and that is OK. When you are ready, I will be here ready to serve you.

Making the decision to grow and improve your life is not an easy one. It requires changes in your behavior and the support of a Coach can be very beneficial. Taking that first step is crucial.  While your goal may be to lose 10 pounds or to lower your cholesterol, there is often something deeper that needs to be worked on to help you achieve that goal. You will be tested during your growth.  I will be at your side to help guide you through these challenging tests and together we will celebrate your victories.

So, why did I decide to become a Wellness Coach?

  • I am passionate about my own health and want to share what I know with others, with you, so we can become healthier together;
  • I want you to understand that your genetics is not your destiny when you take control of your health; and
  • I want you to have the knowledge and tools so you can take the next step in your health journey when you are ready for it.


For those of you that want a definition, webmd.com offers the information below:

Wellness coaches give their clients the motivation and tools they need to achieve their physical and emotional health goals.

picGregMicheleWellness coaches can show you steps to take and give you encouragement to reach goals such as:

  • Lose a few pounds

  • Eat better

  • Quit smoking

  • Reduce stress


Unlike a nutritionist or physical therapist, who make specific diet and exercise recommendations, a wellness coach will help you make better general choices that fit within your lifestyle.