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Sun Protection (May 2016)

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, so it seemed appropriate to ask about sunscreen. There are a couple things to know to help us be sun smart. What is ultraviolet radiation? The Skin Cancer Foundation says that “UV radiation is part of the electromagnetic (light) spectrum that reaches the earth from the sun. It has […]

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02/14 Health & Wellness Tip – Family Health History

Do you know your family’s health history? Did any of your grandparents have diabetes? Heart disease? Cancer? How about your parents? Aunts? Uncles? Siblings? Information is power! If you don’t know your family’s health history, talk with your family members. Find out what you can. If you have a family health history tree already, take […]

Preventive Healthcare

Preventive Healthcare

Monday, my husband came home from work and shared some upsetting news. One of his California co-workers died over the weekend. He had a massive heart attack. This saddened me even though I didn’t know his co-worker. I thought about the impact on so many lives when we lose a loved one. I know we […]

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February is “Heart Health”, “Heart Awareness”, “American Heart”… month. Whatever name “we” choose to call it, the focus is solely on “our” hearts; the understanding and health of our hearts while reducing our risk of heart disease. A friend of mine suggested doing a 28 day challenge in February and I loved the idea. So […]