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November & December 2016 – Do you struggle to manage your stress over the holidays?
33% Yes
0% >No
67% Sometimes

October 2016 – October is Vegetarian Awareness Month. On average, how many servings of fruits and vegetables do you eat each day?
0% 0-1
0% >2-3
0% 4-5
100% 6+

September 2016 – September is National Cholesterol Education Month. “The American Heart Association recommends all adults age 20 or older have their cholesterol, and other traditional risk factors, checked every four to six years.” I believe you should be tested annually. How often do you test your cholesterol numbers?
50% Every year
0% >Every 2-4 years
0% Every 4-6 years (I follow the AHA guidelines)
0% It’s been more than 6 years
50% Actually, I’m testing it a couple times during the year

June 2016 – June is Great Outdoors Month. On avg each week, how much will you get outside during June?
0% None; I do not like being outside so I avoid it
0% >3 hours; My summer weather is not conducive to being outside or I don’t like to be out much
0% 3 – 6 hours; I get out often, although I would like to do more outside
0% 6 – 10; My summers are a great time to get outdoors
100% 10+ hours; I don’t care what the weather is, I love being outside

May 2016 – May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. What type of sun protection do you use? Learn more about UV rays and how to protect yourself.
40% Chemical sunscreen
40% Physical sunscreen
20% Unsure

April 2016 – Is there one best measurement for health? Read the summary post to find out the answer.
0% BMI (4/10 post)
25% Body comp (4/24 post)
0% Waist (4/17 post)
0% Weight (4/3 post about clothing size)
75% I don’t know
March 2016 – What is your favorite leafy green? Read Those Leafy Greens to learn more.
6% Kale
0% Collard greens (Those poor collard greens)
18% Swiss chard
18% Beet greens
58% Spinach