10/11 Health & Wellness Tip – Holiday Budget

Stress comes at us all the time. There is mental stress and physical stress. There are lots of sources for the stress we experience. Just to name a few, there is career, relationship, unhealthy eating, financial, health, injury, and the list could go on, right?

Sometimes we don’t realize the source of our stress, we just feel it and know it is there. Although, most of the time we do know where it is coming from. Sometimes we worry about things we can’t control. And sometimes we ignore and/or avoid confronting the things that are causing us stress.

One area I believe this is common is with financial stress. We don’t want to think about it. We don’t think we have a solution. We don’t see an end in sight. So, it is easier to just ignore it.

I admire and respect Dave Ramsey. He helps us confront our financial struggles head-on. He has steps for us to follow to get into a much better and healthier financial place. If you are not familiar with Dave Ramsey and his seven baby steps to take control of your money, you should take a peek at his website (The 7 Baby Steps).

In the meantime, below are Dave’s three steps to help us create and stay on a financial budget as we head into the holidays.

No Holiday Headaches: 3 Actions You Must Take Now

by Michele Spear

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