11/8 Health & Wellness Tip – Eat the Rainbow

So often we get stuck in a routine where we eat the same things day-to-day, week-to-week.  We think it is easy because we are comfortable with these foods and we know we like them. Most likely, we will eventually get bored. This is boring to our taste buds and our palate. Additionally, it can be detrimental to our health as we may create food sensitivities to foods we eat every day.

We really should branch out and try new things. But what? Maybe you’ve heard someone say to “eat the colors of the rainbow.” This “Eat the Rainbow” document provides a list of fruits and vegetables by color group, as well as the health benefits by color group. If you don’t find something new on this list then bravo to you! That means you eat, or at least have sampled, a wide variety of foods.

And why should you eat a variety? Eating the same foods day-to-day provides you with the same nutrients day after day. Branching out to eat a wider variety of foods, specifically foods from the colors of the rainbow, provides you with a much broader base of nutrients. You obtain more health benefits by eating more variety.

Eating the colors of the rainbow is a very simple way to ensure you get a variety of nutrients. Don’t focus on the specific nutrients, just on the colors. Ideally, be sure to eat something from every color group daily. A salad, veggies with dip, or a stir-fry are an easy way to eat from the various color groups in one meal!

How do you ensure you eat a variety of colors?


Website link for the content on the “Eat the Rainbow” document

by Michele Spear

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