#28daysofhearthealth – 2017


#28daysofhearthealth #hearthealthmonth
Enjoy the Challenge

It is that time again – Heart Health Month!

I am challenging myself in three ways during Heart Health Month this year:
Challenge #1 – Exercise an hour every day
Challenge #2 – Reduce unhealthy treats
Challenge #3 – 5 minutes of quiet breath work daily

DateExercise (1 hour+)Reduce unhealthy treats5 minutes of breath work
Feb 1Hot yogaPopcornMorning in bed
Feb 2Walking2 Lemon Merry BitesMorning in bed
Feb 3HikingMorning in bed
Feb 4Yin yoga
PopcornMorning in bed &
Steam room @ gym
Feb 5Barbell class2 Lemon Merry BitesMorning in bed
Feb 6WalkingMorning in bed
Feb 7Walking (am)
Hiking (pm)
Morning in bed
Feb 8Bicycling (just 40 min)2 Dates w/home-made peanut
butter and cacao nibs
Morning in bed
Feb 9Walking (am)
Walking (pm)
Morning in bed
Feb 10HikingMorning in bed
Feb 11Hot yogaMorning in bed
Feb 12Walking
Yin yoga
3 Chocolate Chip Merry BitesMorning in bed &
During yoga class
Feb 13WalkingMorning in bed
Feb 14Barbell2 Dark Chocolate Merry Bites
Feb 15Morning in bed
Feb 16Walking (just 35 min)Morning in bed
Feb 17HikingOn top of the mountain
Before going to sleep
Feb 18Barbell2 Dark Chocolate Merry BitesSteam room @ gym
Feb 19Hot yogaMorning in bed
Before yoga class
Feb 20Walking / Hiking comboClementine orangesMorning in bed
Feb 21Walking
2 Dates w/PistachiosMorning in bed
Feb 22HikingMorning in bed
Feb 23Yum, yum, yum!
Chocolate chunk & White chocolate Macadamia nut Pizookies (3 people shared 2 minis)
Morning in bed
Feb 24WalkingPopcornMorning in bed
Feb 25HikingOrange & PeanutsOn top of the mountain (just a couple minutes)
Feb 26Morning in bed
Feb 27During the night (woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep)
Feb 28

2/2; 2/12; 2/14 – Hail Merry’s Merry Bites

by Michele Spear