01/10 Health & Wellness Tip – How Much Should I Exercise?

I am going to focus the weekly health & wellness tips on physical activity this month. Since it is common for people to increase their level of exercise at the beginning of the year, we will focus on learning more about the different types of exercise that were discussed in last week’s post.

Because time is a challenge for all of us, we may question how much exercise is enough. Well, that depends. I believe there is no one-size-fits-all answer. While the American Heart Association provides guidelines for overall health, as well as heart health, each of us needs to find our balance.

We are looking for a balance of the three types of exercise (aerobic, muscle strengthening, and flexibility; to me, bone strengthening can be accomplished with aerobic and muscle strengthening activities). We are also looking for a balance that works for our lives, helping to strengthen us physically, mentally, and not create additional stress from the thought of taking time to exercise.

Since we know we should perform all three types of exercise, the key is finding activities within each that you enjoy. There is no right or wrong answer based on guidelines or theory. The right answer is the answer that works for you. Try out different things. (The 8 Colors of Fitness will tell you your fitness personality) See what you like and don’t like and then, over time, create a routine you can live with.

Ideally, you do want to exercise 5 days per week. The body does need rest. You can tell when you body is tired, so listen to your body and give it that needed rest.


AHA Infographic on Physical Activity Recommendations for Adults

American Heart Association’s Recommendations for Physical Activity in Adults

American Heart Association’s Physical Activity Recommendations for Children

by Michele Spear