February is Heart Health”, “Heart Awareness”, “American Heart”… month. Whatever name “we” choose to call it, the focus is solely on “our” hearts; the understanding and health of our hearts while reducing our risk of heart disease.

A friend of mine suggested doing a 28 day challenge in February and I loved the idea. So I immediately got to work on it. I’ll be sharing more details very soon.

In the meantime, let me share a little with you about this amazing heart health challenge…

Each day of the month, there will be a task for you to complete. The task may be related to food, physical activity, stress management, or one of the many other lifestyle areas that influence our risk of heart disease (and is something we have control over). You should respond to the question each day so others know you completed the task and are participating in the 28 day challenge.

How will you receive your daily task? Easy…. Just check the Events calendar on this website, follow me on Twitter, or like me on Facebook.  The Event for each day will provide additional information that you won’t see on Facebook or Twitter.

Now remember, stress management is one of the lifestyle areas we are working on, so don’t stress out over this!

Have fun!!

by Michele Spear