12/13 Health & Wellness Tip – A New Holiday Recipe?

This is a dish that I could turn into a holiday tradition. I call it Butternut Cranberry Quinoa. I love this dish!

I do not make a big effort to have a bunch of holiday traditions…maybe that is my tradition. So, for me to say that this recipe could be tradition is BIG! Nothing wrong with adding (or replacing) a new recipe as part of your holiday meal!

Here are a couple health benefits for some of the ingredients in the Butternut Cranberry Quinoa dish:

Butternut squash

  • Avoid shiny skin indicating that it was picked too early
  • High in vitamins A & C
  • Full-grown squash has a sweeter taste


  • Whole cranberries provide more vitamin C than dried
  • Whole cranberries are better for our liver and cardiovascular system than dried or liquid
  • Sunlight increases the anthocyanins in cranberries

Pumpkin seeds

  • A good source of zinc, unshelled seeds provide more zinc
  • Store unshelled seeds in the pantry and shelled seeds in the refrigerator
  • I purchase raw and toast my own pumpkin seeds on the stovetop (in the oven at a low temp is also fine)


  • Contains all 9 essential amino acids which makes it a complete protein source
  • Rinse quinoa prior to cooking it
  • Quinoa is in the Chenopod food family, which also includes spinach, chard, and beets

What are some new holiday recipes you have made tradition?

by Michele Spear

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