September’s Technology App

Well, with September being National Yoga Month, it seems appropriate that this month’s technology app would be around stress.

Stress Check by Azumio Inc.
StressCheckI’ve had this app for quite a while now, although I don’t use it too often. And I am sure that I do not use it to its full capacity…especially after reading about it to write this blog.

Every now and then I’ll open it up and measure my stress. I must manage my stress well and/or lead a fairly low-stress life because it has always told me my stress level is low. (Maybe I should try it when I know I am in a state of high stress and see what it tells me.)

It is easy to use. It does take a few minutes to do the check. So, if for no other reason than it forces you to stop what you are doing, sit still for a couple minutes, and breath, that right there is a huge win!

Go ahead, download and use it. Use it often. Using it often should help your stress levels to decrease with the forced relaxation. Come to think of it, I am going to use it more often! Ideally, you’ll get some good information from using it too.

by Michele Spear

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